We're making some changes

We're making some changes

As a very small manufacturing business, standardising much of our process is necessary to make production viable. However, we're always exploring ways to make things more interesting. Recently, we decided to improve the designs of our bags, starting with the briefcase.
We've slightly altered the handles to make them repairable if needed, and made minor adjustments to the pattern, allowing us to use a wider range of materials without disrupting the manufacturing process.
Additionally, we're changing how we sell our bags. Alongside commissions, we'll produce one-off items or very small batches and publish them on our website when they're ready. This approach will allow us to work with different materials and leathers, making the process much more interesting for you as customers and for us as makers. There will be variety, one offs and never to be repeated items.
One of the first examples of this new process is the bag below. Let me tell you a little more about it.
A few years ago a local bag making factory in Grantham closed it's doors for the final time and with that came the sale of all the contents in the factory. I went along to the final sale and purchased machines, equipment, and a couple of rolls of canvas.
One particular roll of canvas stood out. It was much narrower and far heavier duty than the others. Upon closer inspection, I discovered it was actually two layers glued together, making it twice as tough. I knew it was going to be worth buying.
That roll of canvas sat in a dark corner of my office for about five years until last month, when I finally put it to good use.
This bag features leather trim on the pockets, improved handles, and our new style of tab to connect the shoulder strap. Like the redesigned handles, the tabs are repairable, ensuring longevity.
The leather used on this bag is an Italian pull up leather and I decided to make it double thickness on the handles and shoulder strap to give it some extra character.
The end product is a rugged, dependable briefcase fit for any adventure
This will be the first new style bag to head to our website and will do so today (07/06/2024) You can find it here

Please keep checking back on the website for new bags and if you have any questions, please do just ask. You can reply directly to this email to get in touch.

Have a great weekend!

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