Our Story

It all began around 25 years ago when I was around 11. I used to make leather equipment for our birds of prey. My father and I made the equipment we needed every year and after spending many seasons outdoors in all weathers it created an interest and an understanding of what goes into well-made goods for the outdoors. Fast forward to 2009 I set up a small business flying birds of prey and making leather goods for the Falconry world, which very quickly turned into solely making Falconry equipment. 


We still manufacture Falconry equipment, and we are proud to supply customers all over the world including manufacturing bespoke Falconry gloves for members of Royal families in the Middle East. Our Falconry heritage can be seen within the design of our bags, one of which is where we use the same D ring tethers as we have used on our gloves from the beginning.


With a love for the outdoors and time spent traveling in some of the harshest conditions in the world, I understand how durable products need to be, to be able to perform in the elements. Our products are designed to be sturdy, functional, pleasing to the eye, and ready for what the outdoor world throws at them. I know how demanding the outdoor world can be on materials, so I ensure everything we manufacture is proven to perform.


We are now a small family run business based in Lincolnshire, England. In our manufacturing processes, we choose quality materials, whether that be leather that is handmade in England, fabric that is woven in the UK, or brass hardware that is cast in England. We ensure we use the best techniques to construct our products so that paired with quality materials, you'll have a product that will stand the test of time.