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J & E Sedgwick Original Leathercare Leather Dressing

J & E Sedgwick Original Leathercare Leather Dressing

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The only leather dressing we recommend for our leather products. This is a special tannery formula used in the production of the finest saddlery leathers by Sedgwick & Co. in Walsall.

Sedgwick’s leather dressing is a secret blend of only natural oils, fats, and beeswax. 

  • Contains only natural products - tallow, oils and beeswax.
  • For the everyday care and maintenance of natural leather.
  • Made in the UK.

Simple to use... 

  •  Apply the leather dressing sparingly, working gently into the leather using a dry cloth.
  •  Allow leather to dry.
  •  Buff off with a soft brush or cloth.

Price is per 60ml tin.

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